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March 3, 2021

Choosing The General Practitioner Clinic In Singapore

Staying healthy is important for all of us to live a longer life. Diseases can happen at any time to anyone. Even though we cannot deny this, we can prevent the occurrence by following proper health wellness check ups, eating good food and more. When it comes to diseases, it all starts with the symptoms which worsen in time if left unchecked. Even if you did notice the symptoms, where will you go first?.

The best General Practitioner Clinic in Singapore. But what if you chose the wrong clinic?. You won’t make the wrong choice after reading this article. As there are many health care clinics in Singapore, this article will help you identify the best one for your health in the long run.

health checkup

Take no chances with your health

With the presence of several clinics in town offering similar services, you have to be very careful as the one you may choose blindly may not offer what you expect. This won’t be good for your health. This is why it is important to consider some factors before choosing the right clinic. Some of those are explained below.


What is important in a location? You might think but it has a vital role in the success of the health clinic. No established General Practitioner Clinic in Singapore will be set in a remote location that customers find difficult to reach. If you find such places claiming to provide the best medical care, just avoid them. Normally all major clinics will be set up in known places that are easy to access. Our clinic is located in one such place.


Setting up a clinic is easy but providing the right quality health care is what makes it the best. The thing about established clinics is that they will all have a high reputation and a successful track record of providing patients with quality health check ups and treatments in Singapore. Also, they will list their achievements or milestones which can be checked on their websites. Be sure to verify the clinic’s quality of service before choosing it for your health treatment purpose.

Experienced staffs

Okay, this doesn’t need much of an explanation. Experienced, qualified doctors and professionals always run good clinics. After all, you don’t want someone inexperienced to check on your health and prescribe medicines, do you?.


Health costs are indeed rising in the present scenario but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay for services at medical clinics. Most reputed clinics only charge a reasonable amount for health services. Therefore, if you find services offered by a particular clinic unusually high, then it is a clear sign to not prefer such places for health treatments.

health checkup

The treatments we provide

Being a reputed medical clinic, we deliver the best quality health check ups and treatments in Singapore and we have never failed in that aspect. We provide a wide range of health care treatments that cater to different types of people of all ages. So, if you are a teen or a senior citizen, we have the treatments and vaccine shots for all age groups. Some of the treatments we provide here are:

  • Acute & Chronic Medical Consults
  • Adult, Children And Travelers Vaccinations
  • Ear, Nose & Throat treatments
  • Aesthetic services
  • Men’s & Women’s health
  • Children & Senior citizen health
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Checkups & Permits

The treatment list includes more than what we included here. Apart from these affordable treatments, we also provide customized health screening packages that help to keep your health conditions in check. What makes this a valuable asset is that you can be assured of your current health conditions before opting for a particular treatment or any health-related activity.

If you are looking for the best General Practitioner Clinic in Singapore to get treated for ailments, then TruCare clinic is the best place to choose. You can easily book an appointment with us either by contacting us by phone or through Whatsapp.

Dr.Harshal Andhare, MBBS from Grant medical college Mumbai , is an energetic, passionate and hardworking young doctor.


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